Joey Energy

Joey - The Smart in Smartbags® 

Pendolare has teamed up with Joey Energy to turn Pendolare bags into Smartbags. With each purchase of a Pendolare bag you will have to option to purchase a Joey Energy system. 

Some of the features of the Joey Energy system include:

  • Phone Charging: You can add up to 25 hours of talk time to your phone.
  • Bluetooth Phone Finding: Have you ever lost your phone in the house? Now you can find it with a touch of a button in your bag. 
  • Bluetooth Distance Alarm: If you leave your bag behind a phone alarm sounds. If someone tries to take your bag the alarm sounds. 
  • LED Light: Use the bright LED light to find everything in your bag. 
  • Charge Timer: Want to share power with your friends while you are out? The countdown gives them enough power to get home and then shuts off, so you don't drain your battery. 
  • Dual Charging: Plug your phone into the bag and plug the bag into the wall and everything is charged overnight.
  • Juice Jacking Protection: Criminals are now hacking USB ports. The Joey has a virus blocker and firewall to protect your phone if you ever need to use a public usb port. 
  • Digital Clock: Convenient clock in your bag
  • Ring: Use your phone to ring your bag. That's an easy way to confirm your Bluetooth connection. 

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